1000 feet of amazing Slip ’N Slide fun!

Urban Slide Will Live at Horseshoe Valley Resort all Summer Long



1101 Horseshoe Valley Road West
Barrie, Ontario
Canada L4M 4Y8
Main: 705-835-2790

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The Urban Slide

Plain and simple, The Urban Slide is the world's best Slip N’ Slide!

Equipped with the latest vinyl, technology in recirculating water, built for steady sliding and extraordinary family fun! At a 1,000ft long, The Urban Slide contends as one of the world’s longest and biggest Slip N’ Slides!

The Urban Slide Canada is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company and our Urban Slide is made right here in North America. We built this slide, so all you Slip N’ Slide enthusiast can Slide the Urban way, smack dab in the middle of the city!


1. Sliders must be at least 44 inches tall
2. Sliders need to slide on a tube or other inflatable
3. Wristbands must be worn at all times in the sliding area

Inflatables (Tubes & Surfboards)

We recommend you purchase an inflatable at the event. Prices range from $10 - $15 depending on style and size.

If you choose to bring your own inflatable tube, it must have handles and it cannot exceed 40 inches in diameter.

Upon arrival, you will check-in at the top of the slide where you will receive your coloured wristband which must be worn at all times in the sliding area... This is your passport to the Urban Slide!

Tips to Slide The Urban Way!

Please take a minute to review the tips below so every trip you make down the Urban Slide is one to remember.

DO NOT STOP on the slippery slide surface.

Build momentum on GRIP MATS!

Run and slide, do NOT stop!

Start AFTER the black mats!

Keep moving!

Hands in, feet up!

Don't touch the slide!

Bottoms UP!

Slide on tubes, NOT in tubes



Flat tubes don't slide!

Slide on tubes, NOT in tubes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register when I arrive at the event?

Yes! If an event is NOT sold out, we will have walk-up registration available for those who want to simply arrive and slide. You can purchase slide wristbands at our walk-up registration tent (next to the store and check-in tent). The same ticket options listed on our online event pages will be available for purchase at the event. Be sure to bring cash or cards to pay for the tickets! Walk-up registration pricing is as follows and is subject to change at anytime:

1 Person
4 People
1 Slide $15 n/a
3 Slides $35 $150
Unlimited $60 $190

When does the event begin and end?

Time slots are available during the following hours:
10am – 1pm
1pm – 4pm
4pm – 7pm
All Day Pass

What time do I slide?

You will slide anytime in the time slot you selected while registering, be sure to remember!

What do I receive with my purchase?

For your purchase of an Urban Slide ticket, you will receive a wristband which will indicate how many slides you have available to you. Please note that tubes are required to slide and do not come with registration. Please either bring your own or purchase one from our store for $10 while supplies last.

What should I bring?

Bring an E-ticket OR a confirmation receipt on your phone or on paper along with your ID if you are not a minor. To reduce wait time, we strongly suggest bringing your signed waiver with you however we will have them available onsite. While you may bring your own inflatable tube to slide on, we recomend that you Don’t risk your slide, our tubes are faster! Our Tubes and Surfboards are designed specifically for the Urban Slide, so they are going to be much faster and a smoother slide than any store bought one. or purchase one for $10 online or in person on event day, as they are required to slide. Some venues will have change rooms available however some will not so we suggest being prepared for either scenario. Your best bet would be to show up to the event wearing what you will slide down the slide in and bring a change of clothes for after your slide. Bring some $$ for food, drinks and some cool swag at our store.

I can’t find my confirmation email. What should I do now?

If you registered for an event and did not get a confirmation email after several minutes, please email info@urbanslide.ca and they can resend your confirmation email.

Will there be a gear check?

Yup, there will be a gear check available on site to leave your bags while you slide!

What happens if it rains?

This is a Rain or Shine event! We will host the slide as long as there is no “severe/inclement” weather that may threaten the safety of our participants.

How old do I have to be?

No minimum age, just a height requirement of 44” tall (or 3’8″) are welcome to slide. Sliders who are under the age of 18 must get written approval from their parents or legal guardians.

How tall do I have to be?

You must be at least 44” Tall (or 3 feet 8 inches) to slide.

Where do I pick up my wristband?

On the day of the event you can pick up your wristband at the Check-In Tent. If you purchased a tube or other add-ons when registering online, you pick up your tube and gear at this tent as well. Walk-up registrations are available here, so if you did not register online you can purchase slide wristbands as well as $10 tubes at the event as well as other cool store items.

I’m not a big fan of waiting in line, when should I attend?

Unfortunately the Urban Slide will be busy throughout the full day, however your best bet to wait in the smallest lines would be at the very beginning and the very end. You can expect heavy traffic around 12-3pm, in other words, the middle of the day.

Inflation Station Optional!

The Inflation Station is an optional station; it is not mandatory to blow up your tube or surfboard at this station. We offer up the Free Inflation Station Service to help people with respiratory issues or asthma, elderly or families with little lungs, who may not be able to blow up the tube on their own. We encourage you to use your own lung power. It takes approx 2 minutes to inflate one of our tubes, so please feel free to blow up on your own tube and share your air with others ;-)

Can I bring my own food?

Yes you can bring your own food, but we will have food available from one of our vendors too. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. We will have a licensed area on site where you can enjoy a cold one. There is no eating or drinking while simultaneously going down the slide.

I like going fast down a slip and slide, can I bring soap to boost my speed?

No you cannot bring your own soap, as we cannot know which soap you use we cannot keep you safe if you coat your tube in it. We will have products to make you go faster so do not bring your own, anyone seen using outside soap will be asked to leave and no refunds would be available.

Photos & Spectators

Can spectators attend the Urban Slide?

Spectators are more than welcome to check out the Urban Slide. Our event is open to the public however you will need to purchase a registration in order to go down our slide.

Are cameras or phones allowed at the Urban Slide?

Of course! Gotta capture the awesome memories that are made at a gigantic slip n’ slide!

If you take any photos or videos, we encourage you to post them to our Facebook page!


How do I volunteer?

Regulations, Transfers & Refunds

Can I transfer a ticket to another person or time slot?

If you want to transfer you or a friend’s ticket to a different person and/or you want to switch to a different time slot, email info@theurbanslide.ca

Are purchases refundable?

No, all purchases are final, nonrefundable. If you want to give them to a friend, email info@theurbanslide.ca. Be sure to have them sign the waiver.

Can I share slide credits from a multi-slide ticket?

Here is a common question, “Can I purchase a triple slider, then have myself and 2 of my friends slide down once?”. The answer to this question is no, and this also applies to unlimited slide tickets. You must have a wristband in order to go down the slide, and the only way to get a wristband is by registering for the Urban Slide either at the event itself or online.




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Business Hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST. Please allow 2 Business days for response. Remember we are not here on weekends!
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